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Sustainable development reports

Sustainable development is at the very core of our vision at Aluminerie Alouette. It empowers men and women to accomplish things together that reflect their personal and collective values, so they can ultimately lead respectable and proud lives while being mindful of the environment.


At Aluminerie Alouette, this quest for excellence is not an end in itself, but a means. Today more than ever, it is the modus operandi of everything we do from environmental performance and social responsibility to economic development. Innovative and committed, Alouette’s successes have a ripple effect on the entire community, giving sustainability its true meaning.

Published : December 20th 2017

Over 25 Years of Excellence Together

Sustainable Development Report 2015
Published : September 12nd 2016

A Successful Transition

Sustainable development report 2014
Published : June 29th 2015

Excelling, Together

Sustainable development report 2013
Published : December 17th 2014

A Company in Motion

Sustainable development report 2012
Published : August 9th 2013

An Important Milestone

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