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March 25th 2021
Aluminerie Alouette named regional winner of the CNESST’s Grands prix santé et sécurité du travail | Innovation

Bruno Lévesque, operator, proudly poses with the innovation in question

SEPT-ÎLES, March 25, 2021 – Aluminerie Alouette is delighted to have been named the winner for the Côte-Nord region of the most recent Grands prix santé et sécurité du travail in the category “Innovation: Large Companies,” awarded by the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail. The winning project, a pincer that allows staff to replace filters more easily and ergonomically, is the result of a spirit of innovation among Alouette employees.


To ensure a healthy work environment, the company uses industrial dust collectors at various locations on site. Previously, the large filters on these units, which stretch about 2.5 metres, had to be replaced manually in a crouched position. The employees in charge of this task worked with their mechanical engineering colleagues to design a prototype and make adjustments until they had developed a safe, effective tool.


“This innovation was born of teamwork and our employees’ versatility, two core values that make the difference in reducing workplace injuries every day,” says Michel Lussier, Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs. “Every day, our teams go above and beyond to find new ways of doing things. And nothing makes us prouder, and has such a positive impact, as innovations that contribute to health and safety.”  


Lightweight and well-sized, the pincer allows employees to remove filters while remaining in a safe, upright position and without having to use their fingers directly. In addition to lowering the risk of musculoskeletal problems and of getting one’s fingers caught, this new tool reduces the time spent working in a restricted area. This innovation is the first of its kind in the industry and can unquestionably be integrated into other industrial workplaces.


Eliminating injuries and minimizing risk is a priority for Aluminerie Alouette. The Health, Safety and Environment Committee, which is comprised of employees and management personnel, promotes accident prevention and plays an active role in this area. The company has ISO 45001:2018 certification (occupation health and safety management systems) and BNQ 9700-800:2008 certification (prevention, promotion and organizational practices contributing to health and wellness in the workplace).

About Aluminerie Alouette
Inaugurée en 1992, Aluminerie Alouette est une entreprise indépendante de production d’aluminium.
Avec près de 850 employés, elle est le plus important employeur privé de Sept-Îles.
Sa capacité de production annuelle de plus de 620 000 tonnes d’aluminium de première fusion en fait la plus importante aluminerie des Amériques.
L’usine de Sept-Îles place le développement durable au cœur de ses actions.