Health and Safety

Alouette makes every effort to ensure workplace health and safety, focusing on prevention as it strives for the safest possible working conditions. The Company's health and safety management manuals define its philosophy and orientations in this area and serve as the foundation for the other components of its prevention program.


The Health, Safety and Environment Committee, made up of representatives of all sectors of the facility, is supported by subcommittees that contribute to the organization’s prevention efforts by identifying health, safety and environmental problems and recommending realistic solutions.


Alouette’s Health Department has a part-time physician and a full-time nurse, who focus primarily on providing first aid for people who are injured in the workplace and on promoting health.


Our physician contributes to global health and safety management by participating in the development of policies and procedures in this area. A health program established in collaboration with the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de la Côte-Nord is aimed at all employees.


With support from the Health Department, an experienced first-aid team responds to emergencies without delay. Made up of volunteers from all sectors, the team has received a total of over a hundred hours of training.


Did you know that right from the start of its operations, Aluminerie Alouette put in place a detailed emergency measures plan covering accidental events, fires, injuries, spills and the various communication processes? The plan is updated regularly and tested annually. It also covers response procedures involving liquid natural gas. Spills are reported to the relevant government authorities.


The emergency measures plan takes into account various risk analyses as well as potential impacts on the environment and neighbouring communities. In addition, in the event of events having an impact on communities, information will be sent to the public on a regular basis.


Emergency procedures are tested annually to improve our response to emergency situations. In addition, a post-intervention evaluation is carried out after a major event. In addition to its emergency brigade, the company also works with the fire and prevention services of neighbouring municipalities.


The health and safety management policy is available in the company policy directory