Our Company
One of the world's most efficient primary metal producers. Founded in 1989, Aluminerie Alouette is committed to prepare for the future while becoming the leader in its field.
Mission and Values
Our mission reflects our commitment to excellence, our employees and our community.

The mission

“Aluminerie Alouette, as an independent operating company, shall optimize its operations by applying world-class business principles conducive to continuous improvement of its processes and assets. As a company committed to sustainability, Alouette will maintain high safety and environmental standards, in order to be recognized as a responsible employer and corporate citizen.



From the very start, Alouette has been committed to building a better future by becoming the best in its field. In the area of employee relations, the Company emphasizes equal opportunities, a feeling of belonging, empowerment, personal development and, above all, respect.


Our leading corporate values are communication, teamwork, versatility, a progressive attitude and professionalism. Our management approach encourages the sharing of ideas and employee participation in decision-making.


Employee participation and commitment are all the more important given Alouette’s emphasis on health and safety, continuous improvement, environmental protection and social responsibility — crucial prerequisites for sustainable economic growth.