Choosing Alouette

Thanks to its employees, Alouette has become a model organization in a relatively short time. There is every reason to believe that it will continue to grow and prosper. Alouette employees are smart and motivated.


Choosing a career with Alouette means opting for a stimulating field such as the following:


  • administration
  • procurement
  • office automation
  • communications
  • maintenance
  • management
  • information technology
  • engineering
  • laboratory
  • work production
  • human resources
  • environment, health and safety


Positions are also available for interns and students.


The Company provides its employees with cutting-edge training. Indeed, it invests approximately 3% of its annual payroll in this area. Thanks to these investments, Alouette can count on qualified, knowledgeable, motivated employees who are committed to the Company’s success.