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Can I tour the aluminum production facilities?
From mid-June to Mid-August, the public is invited to tour our facilities. Two tours are scheduled per day (at 8:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.), from Tuesday to Saturday. Each tour takes approximately two hours.

For information on summer tours or to reserve a place, call 1-418-964-7342.
Does aluminum production have an impact on the environment?
Studies on the aluminum life cycle confirm that the industry has made great progress in energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A detailed analysis of the life cycle of a piece of aluminum has revealed that it generates 20 times less CO2 than the same piece of steel.
How can I find more information on Aluminerie Alouette’s community support?
Aluminerie Alouette cares about community health, sports, culture, and education. We are proud to support a number of causes, big and small, providing an average of more than $500,000 each year to community partners.

For information on Aluminerie Alouette’s support programs, please consult the support policy.
How can I join the Aluminerie Alouette team?
Aluminerie Alouette boasts innovative teams and a participative management philosophy. We are always on the lookout for motivated employees who are open to new ideas and ready to develop their skills.

We encourage you to consult our job opportunities here or fill out a spontaneous application form. Your application will be kept on file for one year, in case of future needs.
How is aluminum produced?
At Aluminerie Alouette, aluminum production starts with the arrival of three raw materials: alumina (extracted from bauxite), coke, and pitch (petroleum). These materials are transported to storage silos. Electricity, which is also essential for aluminum production, is delivered to the site through the high-voltage lines of the national power grid.

Nearly 600 AP40LE pots continuously carry out the aluminum electrolysis process. The coke and pitch, converted to prebaked anodes, conduct the electric current necessary for the electrolytic action.

Once it has been siphoned from the pots in liquid form, the aluminum is cast into sows, which are then prepared for delivery to clients - mainly by ship from the port facilities.

In carrying out the aluminum manufacturing process, gas and fume treatment centres capture more than 99% of particulates and fluorides. No process water is released into the environment.
What are the advantages of aluminum?
Aluminum has many advantages. It is a metal that is light, solid, durable, flexible, affordable, corrosion-resistant, and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition, the possibilities for recycling aluminum are almost infinite.

Aluminum production provides thousands of jobs in Quebec. Aluminerie Alouette has a major economic impact in the Sept-Rivières regional county municipality, creating more than $300 million in economic spinoffs and hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, year after year.
What does Aluminerie Alouette do to protect the environment?
Aluminerie Alouette’s state-of-the-art atmospheric emission control technology makes it possible to achieve a gas-scrubbing rate for dust and fluorides exceeding 99%.

Recycling is also at the heart of Aluminerie Alouette’s approach. Numerous materials used are reintegrated, before or after processing, at some point in the aluminum manufacturing process.

Also, strict monitoring of vegetation and air and water quality in the company’s area is conducted regularly. All employees are trained in good environmental practices for their daily tasks.
What health and safety measures are implemented by Aluminerie Alouette?
When it comes to health and safety, nothing is overlooked, and prevention is a key part of our approach to ensuring better quality of life at work. We have our own health department consisting of trained medical staff. A health and wellness committee also promotes good practices. Lastly, we are equipped with an emergency squad made up of volunteer first responders, who receive more than 100 hours of training.
Where does the aluminum produced by Aluminerie Alouette end up?
The aluminum produced by Aluminerie Alouette is mainly delivered by ship from the port of Sept-Îles to Europe and the United States. Aluminerie Alouette’s shareholders and clients transform it into various products or sell it to their own clients.
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