The Sept-Îles area is an amazing sight. Aluminerie Alouette is proud to help preserve the Eastern North Shore environment by integrating the best manufacturing practices as well as being significantly involved in local sustainable development activities.

Producing responsible aluminum


Aluminerie Alouette is convinced that the future of aluminum is green and responsible. We are committed to supporting the communities where we do business and to applying rigorous health, safety and environmental standards to help support the fight against climate change.

2022 Highlights
  • $80M+

    invested in capitalizable projects
  • 627 661

    metric tons of aluminum allocated to shareholders
  • +80%

    of process residues are recycled and recovered within our operations
  • $1M

    donated to various community organizations
  • 37 680

    hours, in employee training, including students and interns
The health of our planet motivates us to be among the world’s leaders in environmentally friendly aluminum production. We comply with the most rigorous standards in our industry, producing more aluminum with less energy.

What we do


  • We make efforts to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
  • We task a team of experts to constantly monitor air and water quality
  • We recycle and recover more than 80% of process residues within our operations
  • We are the first aluminum smelter in Quebec to have obtained the highest Elite level distinction of the ICI on recycle + program
  • We promote the transportation of raw materials and aluminum by sea
We are committed to preserving local human wealth. Our growth is thanks to our passionate employees, committed partners, and a close-knit community.

What we do


  • We contribute to the economy of Sept-Îles, Port-Cartier and Uashatmak Mani-utenam by providing nearly 1 000 jobs
  • We have been supporting various organizations, including the Sept-Rivières RCM, for 30 years now
  • We support the Innu community and promote the integration of the Aboriginal workforce
We ensure our sustainable growth through efficient and responsible resource management, our employees’ expertise, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. We aim to remain a pioneer in the adoption of new ways of smelting aluminum and one of the most efficient aluminum companies in the world.

What we do


  • We prioritize the health and safety of our employees and partners
  • We leverage innovative technologies and practices in the fields of automation, data analysis and artificial intelligence
  • We invest in research and development to inspire innovation
  • We cooperate with partners who share our vision of excellence
Sustainable development reports
Read our sustainable development reports to learn more about our performance in relation to environmental, social, economic, and governance issues.



Aluminerie Alouette works diligently to protect the environment by adhering to government standards and carrying out rigorous environmental monitoring. Air, water and soil are all among our environmental priorities.
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We are constantly seeking ways to preserve the St. Lawrence North Shore and global environment. We strive to optimize energy consumption and minimize air emissions at the source.
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Recycling at Alouette
Protecting our natural heritage is an integral part of our production process. Many materials are recycled right within our facility.
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Sustainable development reports
Sustainable development is at the very core of our vision at Aluminerie Alouette. It empowers men and women to accomplish things together that reflect their personal and collective values, so they can ultimately lead respectable and proud lives while being mindful of the environment.
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