January 8th 2020
New issue of Alouette newspaper
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December 18th 2019
Merry Christmas!
October 31st 2019
Nearly $124,000 for Centraide Duplessis
Employees and Aluminerie Alouette were once again generous with Centraide Duplessis for its annual fundraising campaign, which ended successfully on October 31st.   Nearly $124,000 was raised to ...
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L'Alouette Journal
January 8th 2020
Volume 29 - Number 2, Winter 2019
September 17th 2019
Alouette rewards its Business Partners
August 28th 2019
More than 500 people visited the smelter!
July 5th 2019
Aluminerie Alouette receives $15 million from Strategic Innovation Fund