Management Team

Claude Gosselin

President and Chief Executive Officer


Claude Gosselin is originally from the North Shore and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations in 1991. He began his career at Aluminerie Alouette as a compensation and benefits advisor, before being successively promoted to supervisor, operations superintendent, and director of personnel and training. 


From 2005 to 2015, he held the positions of Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, and then Vice President of Operations and Maintenance. With his experience in production and administration, Mr. Gosselin has a thorough knowledge of management in the aluminum industry, where he has accumulated more than 25 years of experience.


From 2016 to 2020, he broadened his expertise by working as a senior manager in biomass, construction, and industrial maintenance in other regions of Quebec.


In 2021, he returned to Aluminerie Alouette as President and CEO. Mr. Gosselin is recognized for his qualities as a unifying and visionary leader.


Proud of the leading role Aluminerie Alouette plays in the local business community, and of its impact on our communities, Mr. Gosselin actively promotes this role. Through his leadership, he and his team contribute to the creation and development of many promising and lasting partnerships for the region.







Jules Côté

Vice President | Major Projects


From his native Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec (Canada), Jules Côté holds a BA in Unified Engineering (mechanical) from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. Specialising in maintenance, he acquired his experience in his native region before making his way to Sept-Îles in 1991. First as a Maintenance Engineer at Alouette, he was assigned various positions in different plant areas which prepared him to later become Vice-President Operations and then, Vice-President Business Improvement and Asset Management.


In 2018, he became Vice President Engineering and Plant Processes. He was then responsible, among other things, for project and automation management, process engineering and technologies, and potroom services. In 2022, with several major projects on the horizon, including the significant overhaul of anode baking furnaces, he was appointed Vice President, responsible for major projects.










Michel Lussier

Vice President | Human Resources and Corporate Affairs


Michel Lussier, originally from Verdun, Quebec (Canada), holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Relations from Laval University. He has more than 30 years of experience in human resources management, the majority within large companies operating in the fields of food industry, automotive, aeronautics, engineering, construction and energy in North America and around the world.


Over time, he held various positions such as advisor, director, vice-president and first vice-president (CHRO) and acquired a broad experience, both nationally and internationally. In January 2020, he joins Aluminerie Alouette as Vice-President and is notably responsible for Management Systems, Human Resources and Employee Relations, Communications and Training.









Jean-Pierre Bérubé

Vice President | Operations and maintenance


Jean-Pierre Bérubé, originally from Rimouski, Quebec (Canada), holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Laval University. He began his career on the North Shore in the pulp and paper industry which led him to settle in the municipality of Port-Cartier in 1997. He then held various roles in industrial maintenance and continued his professional development in operations, process controls as well as in energy production. He joined Aluminerie Alouette in 2006 as Director of Maintenance. He subsequently held positions in the continuous improvement department as well as in the casthouse, metal shipping and energy sectors. In 2019, he became Senior Director, Metal and was responsible for the operation and optimization of the potrooms, the gas treatment centers and the casthouse. 


In 2021, il was appointed Vice President responsible of Anode Plant, Asset Management and Maintenance, Potrooms and Casthouse.







Charles-André Nadeau

Vice President | Finance and Administration


Charles-André Nadeau, a native of Sept-Îles, Quebec (Canada), holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Montréal - HEC and a certificate from the Executive Development Program at Queen's University. Upon graduation in 1987, he joined an accounting firm in Montreal and, then in 1990, Aluminerie Alouette, when in the construction phase, was an analyst accountant. Settling back into his native grounds, he has worked as a superintendent and then as a manager.


Proud of more than 30 years of experience in finance and procurement management at Aluminerie Alouette, he has been appointed in June 2022 as Vice President Finance and Administration. He is responsible for the supply chain activities and financial services. Charles-André is also very involved in the community, and has been for many years, especially within the business community.








Éric Bourque

Senior Director | Anodes and Raw Material


Éric Bourque, a native of Quebec City, Quebec (Canada), holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Laval University. He joined Aluminerie Alouette in 1998 as a supervisor at the casthouse. Since his arrival, the engineer has held several positions, both in the areas of operation and maintenance. He has notably been Superintendent Casthouse Superintendent Material Handling & Gas Treatment Centers and Superintendent Rodding Shop. He is Director of the anode plant since September 2011.


In 2019, he was appointed Senior Director, Anodes and Raw Materials.











Tony Dresdell

Senior Director | Health, Safety and ESG


Tony Dresdell, originally from Sept-Iles, Quebec (Canada), holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management and a Masters in Productivity Management from Sherbrooke University. After leading the operations of a local SME, he joined Aluminerie Alouette's Human Resources department in 2003 during the Phase 2 project. Since his arrival, he has acquired a vast knowledge of Aluminerie Alouette since he occupied several positions in the different areas of the plant, for both human resources and operational services. He had been Director of Training and Continuous Improvement, Superintendent of Rodding Shop, Director of Potroom Services and Maintenance, and Director of Human Resources.


In 2019, he became the Senior Director of Asset Management and Maintenance. He was then responsible, among other things, for asset management, operation services and maintenance management. In 2022, he was appointed as the head of strategic planning and innovation, as the focus intensified on challenges related to carbon neutrality. In 2023, he officially becomes the Senior Director of the Health, Safety and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) sector.








Sébastien Charest

Senior Director | Engineering, Information Technology and Automation


Sébastien Charest, a native of Granby who grew up in Sept-Îles, Quebec (Canada), holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. He joined the Aluminerie Alouette team in 1999 as a process supervisor at the Anode Plant, then held various management positions, first in phase 2 of the company’s expansion project, then in various areas of operations, such as anodes, smelting, technology development, project management, and continuous improvement.


In 2018, following the creation of a new department dedicated to optimizing plant processes, he was appointed Manager, Process Engineering and Technology. In 2021, he was promoted to Senior Director of the same department.