Host Community

An example: Maison des organismes communautaires de Sept-Îles

Alouette supports a wide variety of causes, big and small.


Alouette has made a major sponsorship commitment to the Maison des organismes communautaires de Sept-Îles. The facility houses about a dozen local non-profit organizations. An important financial support goes toward maintaining the building and providing high-quality basic services.


By sponsoring MOCSI, our Company provides support for a number of important community organizations. The project is the result of a partnership with the community, Commission scolaire du Fer and City of Sept-Îles, and illustrates Alouette’s commitment to social development in its host community.



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Sept-Îles, Quebec

Canada G4R 5M9

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A responsible corporate citizen

Alouette adheres to the principle of sustainable development.

Located in a region blessed with excellent human and natural resources, Alouette’s Sept-Îles smelter enjoys an international reputation for operational excellence. The Company can thank its employees, their families and its host community for this success. It is hence only natural that it show its commitment to its personnel and the community in an active way.


Alouette adheres to the principle of sustainable development. This means that we do our best to strike a balance between profitability, people and the environment. Year after year, we renew this commitment in a variety of ways.



Dedicated personnel

Alouette employees’ sense of commitment extends beyond the workplace.

Many Alouette employees are active participants in social and community life. They sit on the boards of a number of non-profit organizations.


Alouette supports and encourages all of these forms of community involvement. Hats off to our employees for their personal dedication and willingness to contribute in an active way to community well-being and development!