ESG Vision

Sustainable development at the heart of our mission


Aluminerie Alouette, as an independent operating company, shall optimize its operations by applying world-class business principles conducive to continuous improvement of its processes and assets. As a company committed to sustainability, Alouette will maintain high safety and environmental standards, in order to be recognized as a responsible employer and corporate citizen.


Our success depends largely on the impact of our actions on the environment and society. At Aluminerie Alouette, we have adopted a new vision to contribute, among other things, to the decarbonisation of our industry. Throughout this process, we are working with our partners to take environmental and social aspects into account.


We are convinced that considering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions as priorities will enable us to seize new opportunities and meet challenges in a more responsible and ethical manner. At Aluminerie Alouette, we believe that our success is measured not only by our financial results, but also by our ability to contribute to a brighter future for all.


We seek to continually deepen our understanding of ESG issues, innovate and improve our performance in this area, strengthening our position as a responsible and sustainable company.


We work closely with our stakeholders to understand their expectations and facilitate the achievement of common goals. We are recognised as an employer of choice and a responsible corporate citizen.


Aluminerie Alouette's strategic planning and actions are deployed in harmony with various environmental, social and governance criteria. They comply with current legislation and recognised best practices.



Environmental protection is an integral part of Aluminerie Alouette. Objectives and programs at all levels of the organization reflect this concern, as stipulated in our Environmental Policy EV-PO-0001. Aluminerie Alouette complies with all applicable standards and is constantly striving to improve in order to remain a benchmark in the field. It acts transparently with its stakeholders. 


It is also committed to the responsible use of resources and to implementing measures to promote a circular economy.


At a time when the fight against climate change is of paramount importance, and when aluminium is part of the solution, Aluminerie Alouette is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.



Firmly rooted in its community since 1992, Aluminerie Alouette works closely with its host communities and seeks through its actions to support their development. In addition to respecting human rights and current legislation, the company contributes to the well-being of its community and employees. It offers its employees and partners a safe and respectful environment where everyone can flourish. As a generator of significant wealth for Quebec, the company is a leading partner for businesses, community organisations, institutions, municipalities and First Nations. 


These commitments are reflected in the Health and Safety Management Policy (HP-PO-0001) and the Social Responsibility Policy (AA-PO-0001).



Aluminerie Alouette demonstrates solid governance. With recognised leadership and rigour in its field, it demonstrates a high level of integrity and compliance, which is reflected in the many certifications it holds. It is also based on the principles of transparency and accessibility, for which various tools are available to both employees and the general public. 


Codes of ethics and business conduct, as well as codes of conduct for partners, are distributed to the stakeholders concerned and must be respected at all times.


Within the framework of its corporate structure and owners' agreements, the diversity of its shareholders - AMAG Austria Metall AG (Austria, 20%), Hydro Aluminium (Norway, 20%), Investissement Québec (Canada, 6.67%), Marubeni Métaux & Minéraux (Japan, 13.33%) and Rio Tinto (Canada, 40%), and the governance carried out by various committees - commits us to performing across a broad spectrum of ESG initiatives, meeting the various expectations of our shareholders and reinforcing our responsibility towards sustainable development and ethical management.


Aluminerie Alouette acts in a transparent and open manner. It also offers the possibility of communicating with the company via its website for any questions or concerns, and also encourages reporting any breaches of the codes of ethics and conduct through an independent and confidential whistleblowing line, ensuring anonymity if desired.