Financial Support
As a responsible corporate citizen, Aluminerie Alouette provides communities with active and financial support. By supporting numerous small and major causes with a structuring effect, it promotes local growth. The company’s commitment is also reflected by the personal involvement of many Alouette employees.



This Policy sets the framework for Alouette’s External Financial Support Program.


Target groups:

The Policy applies to recognized non-profit organizations, corporations and associations. Priority is given to applications from the Sept-Rivières regional county municipality (MRC).


In charge:

The Alouette Communications Department is in charge of administering the External Financial Support Program.



The following specific provisions apply:


  • Funds are granted based on the company’s strategic orientations and the amounts available.
  • The funds must be used during the year in which they are granted, unless otherwise specified or in the event of an explicit agreement.
  • Alouette reserves the right to refuse any application, regardless of this Policy.
  • The recipient of the funds must submit an activity report, including a financial statement and proof of the associated visibility, if available.
  • The organization, event or activity may under no circumstances be prejudicial to Alouette or its operations, shareholders or employees.


Target areas:

Only applications in the following target areas will be assessed, provided they meet the other provisions of this Policy:


  • Culture
  • Sustainable development
  • Socioeconomic development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Community support
  • Sport and recreation



The following organizations, events and activities are not eligible for Alouette’s External Financial Support Program, and their applications will not be considered:


  • Graduate dances, yearbooks and trips
  • University program contests and competitions
  • Sports teams*
  • Organizations, events and activities that concern a single individual (personal benefit)
  • Organizations, events and activities that are linked to a political party or a pressure group, or that are controversial
  • Organizations, events and activities of a religious nature
  • Organizations, events and activities outside Quebec
  • Organizations, events and activities linked to the restoration of historic buildings
  • Professional-level sports organizations, teams and activities
  • Humanitarian, school and cultural trips


*With some exceptions, priority is given to support for sports associations.


Associated visibility:


The visibility plan associated with the organization, event or activity must be attached to the official application. If the use of Alouette’s corporate image is required, the proofs of the printed material must be submitted for approval prior to printing and distribution. In the case of an event or an activity, Alouette’s visual signature must be displayed in a position and size corresponding to the amount of the contribution granted.


Requests for promotional material or the presence of Alouette official representatives must be submitted to the Communications Department at least one week before the event or activity.


Application management process:


As soon as an application is received, an acknowledgement of receipt is emailed automatically to the applicant. Alouette will contact the applicant if more details are required for analysis purposes.


All applications that are eligible under this Policy will be studied, and a reply will be sent to the applicant within a reasonable time period. If applicable, the reply will specify the terms of payment for the financial support.


Submitting an application:


All applications must be submitted to the Communications Department via the Alouette website. Applicants must complete the form provided for this purpose.




If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact the Alouette Communications Department at or 418 964-7340.


Aluminerie Alouette reserves the right to amend this External Financial Support Policy at any time, with no advance notice.