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June 27th 2017
10 Million Tonnes of Aluminum Produced in 25 Years
Michel Frigon

SEPT-ÎLES, June 27, 2017—Aluminerie Alouette, the largest aluminium smelter in the Americas and its employees reached a momentous milestone in its intense 25?year history, when it cast its 10 millionth tonne of aluminum. The honour of executing this operation went to Pierre Arcand, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Minister responsible for the Plan Nord and Minister responsible for the Côte?Nord region, who made it a point to be present for the occasion. Many employees with 25 years of service were gathered to witness the event at Aluminerie Alouette’s Cast House along with community representatives and business partners.


The President and CEO, Claude Boulanger, said that it was a privilege to be present for this significant moment in Aluminerie Alouette’s history. “Together we have produced a high quality metal, year after year, moving us towards a sustainable future. The production of 10 million tonnes of “gray gold” during the last quarter of a century is testimony to the excellence which our employees and partners demonstrate daily while respecting the environment and safety standards,” he stated. The aluminium made in Sept-Îles can be found around the world and is the pride of the women and men who rigorously produce it, day after day.


“I am very happy to be part of this symbolic casting. Alouette is a leading player in the Quebec aluminum sector and an economic driver for the Côte-Nord region. Our government is proud to support this company which participates both in achieving the ambitious objectives that we set in the implementation structure for the Plan Nord as well as the objectives of the Québec Aluminium Development Strategy,” said Minister Pierre Arcand.


Located on the Marconi Peninsula at the doorway of the Bay of Sept?Îles, the modern plant is operated by impassioned employees who strive to reach a common goal—being the leader in primary aluminum production. “The market in which we are active is competitive. We are a solid and dedicated team and because of that, we will ensure the sustainability of our organization,” said Mr. Boulanger.


Producing primary aluminum since 1992, Aluminerie Alouette is a key player within its industry and actively contributes to the economic vitality not only of its region, but all of Quebec. In addition to the unfailing support of its partners and community, the production of these 10 million tonnes aluminium over 25 years required impressive quantities of raw materials such as approximately 20 million tonnes of alumina, 4 million tonnes of petroleum coke and 0.9 million tonnes of pitch.


“However impressive these numbers may be, it is the human faces behind the statistics that inspire respect, pride and recognition,” added Mr. Boulanger.


Aluminerie Alouette continues the celebrations of its 25th anniversary, as an official partner of the event Vieux-Quai en Fête de Sept-Îles which will take place next July 13, 14 and 15. Look for other celebratory events in the coming months.

About Aluminerie Alouette
Inaugurée en 1992, Aluminerie Alouette est une entreprise indépendante de production d’aluminium.
Avec ses 900 employés, elle est le plus important employeur privé de Sept-Îles.
Sa capacité de production annuelle de plus de 600 000 tonnes d’aluminium de première fusion en fait la plus importante aluminerie des Amériques.
L’usine de Sept-Îles place le développement durable au cœur de ses actions.