Press Releases
July 12nd 2018
Aluminerie Alouette emergency brigade contains fire

SEPT-ÎLES, July 12, 2018 –  A fire occurred in a vehicle passageway leading to the Potroom of Aluminerie Alouette at approximately 10 a.m. on July 12. Employees in this area were quickly evacuated and no one was harmed. The company’s Emergency Brigade immediately arrived on the scene to fight the fire — now completely extinguished — and secure the area. 
For this specific event, the company called the City of Sept-Îles fire department, but they did not have to come on site. However, Aluminerie Alouette stays in touch with relevant authorities.  As is the case for such events, an internal investigation will be conducted to determine the circumstances, the root causes and appropriate corrective measures.
The fire affected normal running of operations in a part of the Potroom where aluminium is produced as well as a workshop. The fast and efficient intervention of Brigade members limited damage and secured the assets. The management team would like to thank all personnel involved in the intervention and the various actions aimed at a speedy return to normal operations. They also extend their thanks to the team from the City.
The Sept-Îles aluminium smelter places the safety of its employees, subcontractors and visitors among its highest priorities. This is why the company boasts a team of about 50 employees trained based on best practices, specifically as first responders and firefighters. Located about 40 km from downtown, the company also has specialized equipment, including three emergency response vehicles (two fire trucks and one ambulance).  Furthermore, the prevention department ensures that simulations are carried out on a regular basis to test various measures such as the evacuation of employees from all areas. 

About Aluminerie Alouette
Inaugurée en 1992, Aluminerie Alouette est une entreprise indépendante de production d’aluminium.
Avec près de 850 employés, elle est le plus important employeur privé de Sept-Îles.
Sa capacité de production annuelle de plus de 620 000 tonnes d’aluminium de première fusion en fait la plus importante aluminerie des Amériques.
L’usine de Sept-Îles place le développement durable au cœur de ses actions.