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June 21st 2022
Aluminerie Alouette introduces its natural gas facilities

An energy transition that benefits the environment


SEPT-ÎLES, June 21, 2022 – This week, Aluminerie Alouette successfully completed the implementation of natural gas into its operations, making it a pioneer among Côte-Nord industries. In collaboration with Énergir, a supplier of liquefied natural gas, Aluminerie Alouette used this opportunity to host a presentation and special tour of the site for partners and media representatives.


In October 2020, several years after launching joint efforts with the region’s business community, Aluminerie Alouette announced that it would convert its anode baking furnaces from fuel oil to natural gas, an overall investment of more than $23 million. This achievement was made possible through a partnership with the Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles and Énergir, which also announced the development of a dedicated service for the smelter.


The four anode baking furnaces are now powered by natural gas. All 75 manifolds have been replaced to use this new, more environmentally friendly fuel. Replacing fuel oil with natural gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions from anode baking fuels by about 30%.


“This project contributes to the modernization of our facilities and represents a turning point for our organization and all Côte-Nord industries,” said Michel Lussier, Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, and head of environmental department. “It’s yet another step towards decarbonizing our operations, which we aim to achieve by 2050.”


Online release of the 2021 Sustainable Development Report

The event coincided with the release of Aluminerie Alouette’s latest Sustainable Development Report, which is available online. By maintaining best operational practices and standards of excellence, Aluminerie Alouette once again meets all current source and ambient air emission standards and targets. The same applies to runoff water and residual materials.


The report, which describes Aluminerie Alouette’s remarkable performance over the past year, states that, “While hundreds of millions of dollars will be invested over the next few years to modernize and ensure the plant’s long-term viability, Aluminerie Alouette is more than ever committed to being a world leader in the production of green and responsible aluminum; a company that is highly connected and automated, 100% circular and carbon-neutral, but that, first and foremost, remains human in scale.”

About Aluminerie Alouette
Inaugurée en 1992, Aluminerie Alouette est une entreprise indépendante de production d’aluminium.
Avec près de 850 employés, elle est le plus important employeur privé de Sept-Îles.
Sa capacité de production annuelle de plus de 620 000 tonnes d’aluminium de première fusion en fait la plus importante aluminerie des Amériques.
L’usine de Sept-Îles place le développement durable au cœur de ses actions.